Antal besökare:[counter]

Wellcome to my art!

I´m very happy that you found us and want to have a look around here.

All the horses are made by me. I try to make them in 3 different sizes, 28cm, 38 cm and 48cm but they can vary a little bit depending of that they are made by hand.   

I have also made a smaller horse for the Akvarell Museum at Tjörn. It´s about 15-18cm and costs about 850kr.

Feel free to ask if something are not clear.

I don´t only make Icelandichorses even if it looks like that. ;) I love to make running sheeps and hens and different horses like jumpinghorses, trothorses and so on. I just like to do different things not just the same. Thats why I have also started with concrete, warmglass, windowglass, bronze, kilnformed glass. I will show you more about that later on.  

This year you can find us at World tölt in february, Tölt on ice in april and also at the big Stallionshow 30/4 in Linköping at Stenholmen. We might also show up at ÖSM in june. In july you will find us at the Swedish Championships, SM. If you do know about any other big event feel free to ask if you want us there! It´s so much fun to take the step out and show them all for you, I love to talk with all of you and laugh together! Feel free to ask! :)



The ceramics Sculptures...

They are made in stoneware clay, dryed and burned first time inside. Then it´s time to put on glaze and burn it in different teqnics. Sometimes I burn them outside in a gaskiln and let them crack and put into sawdust and it´s starts burning and the smoke goes in to the crackings and it´s easy to see the crackingpattern. All horses are different and unique. I hope you enjoy to have a look around!